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Fort Peck Community College offers three associate degree programs. The Associate of Arts (AA) degree and Associate of Science (AS) degree can be awarded as terminal degrees or as degrees that include courses for transfer to four-year institutions.

The AA degree and the AS degree contain general education core requirements similar to requirements at Montana colleges and universities. However, each institution also has degree requirements that may be unique to that institution. Students intending to transfer must consult the intended transfer institution and plan their programs of study accordingly.

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is granted to a student who intends to enter immediate employment upon graduation from 金沙赌场网站.

The AAS degree requires related instruction requirements (not recommended for transfer credit). Students intending to graduate with an AAS degree must declare an occupational objective and pursue a vocational/technical program of study.

If general education courses are required in a program area, the courses can be counted towards fulfilling the general education core as well as the program requirement. However, students need to be aware that the number of credits for the course only counts once toward the total credits of the degree. In other words, if a course is counted as fulfilling a general education core and a program requirement, additional credits need to be found to meet the specific degree total. Students are urged to consult their academic advisor and the course requirements for their degree prior to selecting courses in general education.

Associate of Arts Degree

The Associate of Arts (AA) degree requires a minimum of 60 credit hours of coursework. The AA degree is appropriate for students intending to transfer to a four-year institution in disciplines such as business, elementary education, human services, humanities, literature and psychology. Students who wish a broad base of learning experiences should select the General Studies program of study.

Associate of Science Degree

The Associate of Science (AS) degree requires a minimum of 60 credit hours of coursework. The AS degree plan includes the general education requirements, plus an additional four semester credits in mathematics or science. The AS degree is recommended for students planning careers in computer technology, mathematics, hazardous materials, health, nursing and science. Students who wish a broad base of learning experiences should select the General Studies program of study.

Associate of Applied Science Degree

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees are courses of study of 60 or more semester credits. These programs are in vocational/technical areas and are designed to prepare the student for immediate employment following graduation (not recommended for transfer credit). Fifteen (15) credits of Related Instruction are required. Most of the courses are directly related to specific fields of study. Students must select an occupational objective and follow a specific program of study. 金沙赌场网站 course requirements are included in the programs of study.

As recommended by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, 金沙赌场网站 requires all AAS degree-seeking and Certificate-seeking students to complete a core of Related Instruction including communication, computation, and human relations. The communication requirement is met by EN 103 Workplace Communication (3 credits) that includes oral and written communication. As specified in the programs of study, the computation requirement is met by one mathematics courses: MATH 105 Technical Mathematics. The human relations requirement is met by successful completion of HS 100 – Human Relations for 1 credit. One credit each is required in American Indian Studies, Computer Technology and Health.

Generally, these courses are offered both Fall and Spring semesters. However, students are encouraged to enroll in Computer Technology, English and Math during the first semester since the skills learned in these courses will be needed in other courses.