About Us

13169817_1099237900147564_701378658_oI have always loved art and admired all those who have the passion and strength to create art as it takes small steps to consistently grow. I first started with bead jewelry as a hobby back in 2002. I had the privilege to surround with passionate artists to grasp the best of all, but time and local nature took care of the rest to ultimately craft a personal style and a local touch.

Setting a Shop was a critical move to continue learning and experiment the blends of beads, wood, metals, glass, thread and other materials, plus better and more styles and perspectives. But being close to customers and sensing the experience they live when acquiring a piece is not only emotive, but evokes the energy to discover the aspiration and inspiration users truly want.

All pieces are handmade in Costa Rica

I continue searching for. Then it was the moment to learn on semi-precious beads and search for reliable sources of materials and I was amazed with the broad design opportunities nature can provide. More importantly, nature nurtures the inspiration to Friends and particular customers started requesting designs for special occasions such as anniversaries, mother’s day, Christmas, etc.

In 2006 I started selling at product fairs in Costa Rica and settled a shop. Along these sales I also placed products in some hotels to evaluate customers’ perception towards the designs its price. This provided me the insights to develop a virtual shop to provide the designs to those who would like to take something special from Costa Rica

I passionately strive to create exciting designs that enlighten and complement our clothes and other accessories women wear. The designs can be used for formal and casual occasions and have a tropical touch to spark your emotions. I hope you enjoy the galleries and please feel free to contact us if you require a special product and/or if you happen to come and visit Costa Rica to get to know you.