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Institutional Development

The mission of Institutional Development is to provide continuity of effort in the acquisition and management of institutional resources.

It assures that the application of such resources is consistent with and promotes the mission of Fort Peck Community College. This is accomplished through administration of, and adherence to, both institutional and departmental policies and procedures.

The Institutional Development Division maintains a multi-faceted role as a management and technical support division of the college, and functions within the broader scope of all planning and development affecting institutional growth. It provides leadership and services in the areas of strategic planning, grants preparation, management, and reporting, research and assessment data collection and dissemination, facilities and land acquisition, facilities construction and renovation, contracts and grants negotiation; and, in general, advancing the role and position of the institution.

Institutional Development includes the Office of Sponsored Programs, data collection, and grant management of specific grants such as the Developing Institutions Project (Title III) and the State Perkins Vocational Education Project.

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